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Quidditch and Community Outreach: “Kidditch”


Quidditch is too awesome a sport to be kept within a single community; it is meant to be shared. Most (not all, but most) quidditch players are born only after setting foot on a college campus. Because of the abundance of community teams sprouting up all over the country, quidditch can be played well into one’s adult years. Yet, there’s a whole demographic that is missing out on this sport: children and adolescents.

That’s pretty tragic, considering how fun quidditch is.

We, the first generation of quidkids, have a duty to the next generation. Not necessarily to train them into quidditch prodigies, but to simply introduce them to the sport. Kids have the opportunity to become involved with soccer, softball, gymnastics, football, and every other sport almost as soon as they can walk. With enough exposure, maybe one day quidditch will be added to that list: a totally legitimate athletic outlet for school-aged kids.

We’re not quite there yet, but here are some tips for bringing Kidditch to your community!




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Congratulations to Team US on their success in the Global Games yesterday! These cool kids competed to take the gold against the UK, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Canada, and France. We’re so proud of all of our friends on this year’s team, and congratulate everybody who participated in this year’s Global Games!

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Where do these quidditch games take place? :D


My GIFs are from games around Southern Ontario, Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton), but Muggle Quidditch is played internationally.

If you are looking to play I suggest:

1) Google your city/country with “quidditch” or “muggle quidditch” to see if there are any teams around you

2)Check at a local University/College/Community centre/convention to see if there are teams

3)If you can’t find any teams start your own! There are a lot of people and resources online who can advise and encourage you if you start a team, and it is a lot of fun might have some information to help you (including rules to the game)

Anyone else have helpful links (like maps)?

Feel free to message us with your location and we can hook you up with teams and events in your area :)
Or even just peruse our tumblr

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So I went to London Film and Comic Con yesterday. I was thinking of wearing my TeamUK shirt but, due to the hot weather, I just stuck it in my bag.

After meeting up with a few other quidditch players, we came up with the idea that we could get TV and film stars to show their support for Team UK for the upcoming IQA Global Games.

Here are a selection of photo highlights.

They went online about 2 hours ago and my laptop almost went into meltdown due to the number of responses QUK got.

My favourite one is of Ellie Kendrick (Meera from Game of Thrones). She was about to leave but was super excited to be apart of it, she stayed for a few more minutes. She’s also incredibly photogenic.

#SUPPORTTHE42 Many thanks to Sarah, Ben and Amy (who came up with original idea) for representing QUK at the con.
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How to Start a Quidditch Team


So, you wanna start a quidditch team…


Maybe you’ve been boppin’ around the internet for a while, and you stumbled across this little game called “quidditch” that’s all the rage among college kids these days. Maybe you’re in an area where there are already a ton of existing teams, and you want in. Maybe you’re just a Harry Potter fan that wants to see if they have what it takes to play the real-life adaptation of their favourite wizard’s favourite sport. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you got to this point; now you’re interested, you want a team to call your own, and you’re wondering what to do about it. Don’t fret, friend, we’ve gotcha covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting a team at your school (or in your community), from “I’ve got an idea…” to “here’s our starting lineup.”

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How do you guys keep up with your school work when you leave for cup tournaments?


Usually apart from world cup travel for tournaments only takes up a weekend.  Tournament schedules are laid out to the team at the beginning of the semester so that you can plan for studying/homework/tests around those times.  Sometimes in order to attend a tournament you may need to complete some assignments or studying ahead of time so that you can keep up!

Personally, I never really found a major problem with keeping up with schoolwork and doing quidditch!